Evidently Mitchellville is the center of the universe

[From the 6/11 Register]

“At least a dozen “tweeps” – Twitter users – point to Mitchellville as one more location that proves we earthlings are not alone.

Last week the worldwide nonprofit group Mutual UFO Network reported an alleged UFO sighting that occurred in Mitchellville on June 5.

The post describes a cone or teardrop shaped object the size of a car that appeared outside a home for several minutes around 11:30 p.m. Two witnesses said the object with windows and two antennas made no sound as it hovered, moving in a zigzag pattern, and emitted colorful strobe lights before disappearing. Mitchellville is about 18 miles east of Des Moines.”    Register story


[Think about it, with the price of space fuel these days, if you travel clear across the universe, it isn’t going to be on a lark, if you come to Mitchellville, it’s for a reason. I have to figure Mitchellville is like the cosmic epicenter of the universe. – Jim Roach]

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