“Senate continues sugar subsidies”

About a month ago the Senate voted “not to to tamper with the depression-era program that protects U.S. sugar growers”. Good grief. This nation is $15 trillion in debt, and we’re still subsidizing sugar?? (Which is why we have high-fructose corn syrup, a cheaper substitute as sugar prices are kept artificially high.) And I really don’t care how our 2 Senators voted, they are part of the Senate that is taking this country down.

Every farm commodity in this country has a subsidy or price support that the taxpayer pays for. And just today it was affirmed that oil companies get between $12 billion and $50 billion. Globally they say oil companies are subsidized between $775 billion and $1 trillion. We are so being taken for a ride.

The reason this stuck with me, is becauseI read this in the paper on the day that  Mickelson on WHO 1040 was having one of his interminable “laugh and giggle” shows about some inane subject. Which is all rather frustrating, as I get the feeling that people know the wheels have fallen off society, and talk radio seems rather pointless.

Jim Roach

[“Senate continues sugar subsidies”, DM Register 6/21]

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