“Government’s authority to coerce will not end with Obamacare”

Representative Steve King wrote the above titled piece for the July 11 Des Moines Register. What he says about about the Supreme Court sanctioning Congress’ overreach is all true. So what? Here’s a newsflash King, governments authority to coerce didn’t START with Obamacare either. Where have you been?

King has no credibility for two reasons. The first is, he is part of the system that has come to believe that a third party payer system, insurance, is legitimate. A free market system, cash or credit, will never take hold as long as insurance is there. The costs will never be restrained by market forces, as long as “someone else” is paying.

Number two, how can you complain about the unconstitutionality of a personal mandate, when you have no problem with the unconstitutionality of all the other meddling by Congress? Farm subsidies aren’t constitutional. Oil company subsidies aren’t constitutional. Social Security isn’t constitutional. Medicare isn’t constitutional. The Department of Education, the Federal Reserve… a whole laundry list of things the U.S. Government does isn’t constitutional, why get cranked up now? It seems a little hypocritical to be worried about government overreach now. The horses have been out of the barn for some time now.

Jim Roach

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