What drugs was Ebert on? 5 Stars to ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ ?

Having seen the new wonder movie, ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’, I’m trying to figure out what movie Roger Ebert watched. In the 7/27 Register he gave it 5 stars. Very few movies get 5 stars.

Sure, Quvenzhane Wallis and Dwight Henry were good. The whole cast was pretty good. That couldn’t save the movie though.

It was unclear where director Benh Zeitlin was going with it. The movie opens with the young girl in her hut-like existence near New Orleans communing with the animals. Utter squalor. Third world hovel. Bull crap. This is America, we don’t do that crap here. This ain’t Rwanda. We don’t subsist in the mud.

Hand to mouth existence isn’t what we aspire to here. Regardless of your race or ethnicity. We don’t make excuses for people. We don’t glamourize failure. We Rocky-fy it and get the hell out of there.

Those people didn’t need a movie made about them, they need luggage. Time to move it on up. We don’t want to make saints out of those who want to keep people in the mud, we want to get those people a ladder. Zeitlin left her in the mud.

Jim Roach


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3 Responses to What drugs was Ebert on? 5 Stars to ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ ?

  1. jim says:

    We don’t do that crap here? Excuse me but have you ever set foot down in the bayous of LA?
    This is America, we don’t do that crap here? How extensively have you traveled this country?
    Just curious.

  2. rena says:

    I think the mobvie was indeed a slice of Americana. Hushpuppy and fam’s living conditions were not the ideal living conditions and Hushpuppy’s father could have made better choices like cleaning up–but who is perfect? It looks like they lived a much cleaner lifestyle when mom was alive and things went down from there. But what did we see that was positive? Their ability to survive off of any government assistance whatsoever; their ability to take what nature has provided (and some scraps from man) and live a life off of the grid (save some gas for the makeshift boat). You saw people taking care of animals and growing their own food and just being content. Assuming this was Katrina – I would say they fared MUCH BETTER than the people at the convention center who were told to meet there where they would be “helped”. Those people starved. I think it also shows the ability to survive when governments do not interfere (i.e. the building of the levees). And be careful about your delusions of RWANDA – if people live in the mud there–remember who helped them get that way! And they do not all live in huts/mud whatever you want to call it. The Masaii of Africa exist on the land and by the land…They live greatly –under their own standards. A beautiful people, Not failiures by any sense of the imagination. Further the children in “The Bathtub” were very aware of themselves and their strengths, very self-sufficient – albeit not perfect–I wish I could say the same for the many coddled children and adults in the outer bathutub world. I think this movie needs to be looked at from a different perspective!!

  3. Evidently my article was not clear enough. I was not dissing the characters who were down on their luck. I didn’t like the direction that director Benh Zeitlin took the movie. The human story is filled with tales of people in precarious positions. But in my America, we don’t leave people in disarray as Zeitlin did in the movie. In my America, it is about betterment. Rising FROM those humble beginnings. Hollywood has been all too willing for so many generations to paint “the noble savage” of whatever era as satisfied in their surroundings. I think Hollywood is incredibly racist and condescending. I see no purpose to a movie that shows no hope.

    Look how long it took them to put a black man in a mainstream TV series, Bill Cosby in ‘I Spy’ in about 1965. ‘Julia’ in 1968 was the first series about a black woman. ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ never had a black person on it. Ditto for ‘Bonanza’, ‘Gunsmoke’ and a whole bunch of others. Look at ‘Gilligan’s Island’, ‘The Brady Bunch’. Shows even into the 70’s like ‘Happy Days’ only had their “message” shows, then you never saw the black character again. That’s pathetic. Then they have the gall to turn around and call conservatives racist! Liberals RUN Hollywood!

    Hell, it took till 1984 to finally get a groundbreaking show about a black family, ‘The Cosby Show’.

    Even now in 2013, try to spot the minority as a percentage of the total number of characters on series TV. I don’t think you’ll break 5 %.

    My beef is with the director and the rest of the people who control Hollywood. They are incredibly destructive to American society in so many ways.

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