10,000 scripts in Hollywood and we get ‘Total Recall’?

The joke is that everyone who lives in LA has a movie script. I know people in Iowa who have a script. You have to figure that with those kind of numbers, that there are some unique and thought provoking scripts out there. What does Hollywood put out? That old “dream factory”? The finest minds?

Remakes! The latest is a remake of a very mediocre Arnold Schwarzenegger film from 1990 called ‘Total Recall’. Are you kidding me??

That is until you realize a concept called “intellectual property rights”. Every movie from days gone by is owned by someone. Hollywood studios only want certain people making films, and thereby making the money. When this version of Total Recall got made, the person who owns the rights to the original just got a big ‘ol check.

If they were to start making new original movies, the right people wouldn’t be making the money. All this new blood would be. That wouldn’t do. Not when Hollywood wants to keep a lid on who can play.

Jim Roach


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