Des Moines annual Labor Day Parade

Every Labor Day the unions around Des Moines march from the Capitol to the Fairgrounds  and then listen to some lame Democrat member of Congress talk up “the working man!” What a bunch of crap. The Democrat Party has been completely complicit with the Republicans in shipping our jobs overseas. In fact Ruth Harkin herself ran OPIC, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation in the mid-nineties. This government agency’s sole purpose was to find homes for American manufacturers in other countries. Democrats are also guilty of sabotaging “the working man” by allowing floods of illegal immigrants these past 40 years. You can’t overload the labor pool for 40 years and not depress wages. Don’t tell me you are for the “working man” Democrat Party.

Jim Roach

[The NAFTA agreement was signed by Bill Clinton, and voted in by a Democrat Senate and a Democrat House. That was the year I quit voting Democrat.]


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