“Tracking the man who stole my wallet”

The Register’s Lee Rood had an interesting piece Sunday. She had her wallet stolen and around $800 racked up on her credit cards. Des Moines police detective Raymond Carrington said the chances of catching the crook were very slim. Uh, that’s because you are not looking detective.

So Reader’s Watchdog reporter Lee Rood went out and found the crook herself. He was in a lounge on Ingersoll right near where he stole her wallet. An off duty cop was working the place, so she hand delivered the arrest to him.

Not that it mattered. 51 year-old Shalavar Montez Ward, with a “record as long as your arm“, who also had an outstanding assault warrant, was sentenced after a plea deal to an entire (wait for it) 14 days. Ba-dum-bump.

14 days. A history of criminal behavior for 30 years (assumed), causing harm to yet another victim, and Polk County prosecutors can’t be bothered with a trial. Here’s a little secret for you, cops and prosecutors! Guess what?? There aren’t legions of criminals out there that you have to catch, just a handful of bad people doing 90 % of the crime. It is only a few people doing the crimes. They multi-task, they cross train.

The same ones who break into homes, break into cars, they take and sell drugs. They rob convenience stores. So if you would get off your dead ass and go after the “little crimes”, you would find the big ones would also be taken care of.

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani brought to America the ‘broken window theory’. He showed us that by taking care of the little crimes, the whole atmosphere in a city changed. He was even able to make the eternally depraved Times Square area respectable.

I don’t understand Des Moines cops and prosecutors always saying they are too busy to catch crooks. Then what the Sam hell are you doing?

Jim Roach

[From the sounds of the article, they didn’t even prosecute Ward for the outstanding assault warrant.]


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