GMA unacquainted with journalistic standards

Good Morning America was rather more blatant than usual in their rush to tear down a Christian this morning. They had found a New York City print publication that used 12 anonymous members of the Jets football team to disparage backup quarterback Tim Tebow. Anonymously. Are you kidding me?

You could find 12 people who would say ANYTHING if they didn’t have to put their name to it!

Good grief. They spent 5 minutes airing a nationwide broadcast to disparage a man using anonymous “sources”. To top it off, I don’t think he has hardly been given a chance on the field to prove himself one way or another.

The media in this country is controlled by non-Christians, and especially so in NYC, so God help Tim Tebow. I saw the same playbook used to destroy Sarah Palin. At first, build her up sky-high. Then, begin the teardown. Often the media would say, “Anonymous McCain staffers report…” , and the media would all attack. You can’t tear someone down, until you first build them up. I see it time and again with Christians. The media feel they are a threat that must be taken out. Pat Buchanan, Anita Bryant…

I have even started to finally notice it now in the entertainment industry with people such as Tyler Perry. Back in the day, another good example of someone who fell off the face of the planet once his views were known was Dean Jones. It is much safer for their careers  if they stay in the closet.

Jim Roach


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