Jeff Probst takes ‘Survivor’ to new low

Just when you thought Hollywood couldn’t get any scummier, Jeff Probst of CBS’s Survivor proves you wrong. At tonight’s Tribal Council, Probst keeps needling ‘Abi’, a 20 something young woman until he makes her cry. He does this as he talks about “shuffling the game”, meaning he hopes for a surprise vote to kick someone off. He makes fun of her saying she didn’t know “everyone” didn’t like her, and stuff like that. He had many opportunities to let go of it and move on but his producers wanted ratings- hence the mental torture  and national humiliation of the young woman. He spent over 2 minutes bullying her until she broke down. He used the power of his position to destroy her on national TV. What a man Probst. All for the dollar.

Jim Roach

[The shame was, on tonight’s 11/28 show, Abi-Maria had several chances to kick Probst in the testicles, and she didn’t do it.]


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