Be very quiet! We’re hunting wabbits!

[“Iowa wrestling freshmen caught hunting rabbits”, DM Reg 11/22]

“Two freshman members of the University of Iowa wrestling team have been suspended after they were caught hunting rabbits on campus this week, telling police they intended to make hats.”

Shots fired from the grassy knoll

“Wiederholt said the men were hunting in an area commonly known as Skunk Hollow, a grassy area between Newton Road, Hillcrest Residence Hall and the UI College of Pharmacy.”

“According to an incident report, a UI security guard spotted the men hunting about 9 p.m. Tuesday. The same security guard later saw rabbit skins in Meyer’s room, according to a separate incident report.”

“Wiederholt  said the wrestlers were carrying pellet rifles and had two rabbit carcasses in their possession.”

Alex Meyer

Ryan Connor

(I think it’s good when young people get out from behind the computer and quit texting on the Smartphone and take up the sport of hunting. Besides, winter is coming, good headgear is important. Silly rabbits. – Jim Roach)



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