Charlie Brown!

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Spotted at Campus Liberty Alliance Facebook page.


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One Response to Charlie Brown!

  1. “By doing just a little every day,
    I can gradually let the task completely overwhelm me.”
    — Ashleigh Brilliant
    (1933- ) Author

    “When more and more people are thrown out of work, unemployment results.”
    — Calvin Coolidge
    (1873-1933), 30th US President

    “If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be.”
    — Yogi Berra
    [Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra] (1925-) American Major League Baseball catcher, outfielder, and manager
    Source: When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It!: Inspiration and Wisdom from One of Baseball’s Greatest Heroes, Hyperion, 2002, ISBN 0786867752, p. 154

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