Michele Beschen on ‘Great Day’! [KCWI 23]

Michelle Beschen 5

Here’s another picture of the incredibly buff Michele Diane Brown

michelle diane brown


Michelle Beschen lake 2

michele diane brown 77michele diane brown 71

michele diane brown 70

michelle diane brown 42

Perkiness defined.

[Speaking of which, how do you let Michele Beschen  get away??? The show is going to miss her I bet. That was certainly not a ‘Great Day’! Oh well, here’s to her replacement, the equally bodacious Jackie Schmillen!

AAhdfh 946318_10151458287478645_580640673_n

Jackie Schmillen [When this picture starts appearing other places, I had it first!]

AAA kkkfff 980386_635631513132738_412397398_o

Jackie Schmillen and friends

MB 5546478

Michele rocking the whole craft thing.

Jim Roach

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3 Responses to Michele Beschen on ‘Great Day’! [KCWI 23]

  1. Ted says:

    Jackie is just so hot, please don’t take any offences.

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