Des Moines Register: “NRA’s position certainly is misguided” [12/26]

The Des Moines Register today dismisses the NRA’s call for armed men to protect children as “insanity”. Really? Than why does the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court all rely on armed men to protect THEM?

The Des Moines Register notes that police response time at Newtown was at least 10 minutes, and that the Sheriff’s deputy at Columbine cut and ran, so then why should we rely on the police? We should all throw ourselves unarmed at gunmen like the principal at Newtown with nothing but a stapler?

Through lawsuits in the 60’s and 70’s, the ACLU and liberal judges ended the practice of institutionalizing dangerous psychotics. So now that the nuts are on a killing spree, the liberal answer is to take MY gun??? I don’t think so.

So that is the dilemma. We cannot have a country where 6-year-olds are gunned down in school, but we also cannot disarm the people. Where can the two sides meet? The liberals think guns kill people, and the gun rights people know that if they give an inch, soon the liberals will have the entire camel under the tent.

Both sides have to give. 15 nut cases in the last 15 years have killed probably more than 200 people. That is crazy. The good guys haven’t had guns, and the nuts have had too many. All the while, the mental health community sits on the sidelines, totally impotent.

Newtown shooter Adam Lanza murdered to steal the guns he used, so any “tests” or prohibitions to own wouldn’t have worked on him. Only someone at the school willing to shoot him would have stopped him.

Nevertheless, I’d be willing to try two ideas to try and stop nutcases like Adam Lanza, Jared Loughner, James Holmes, Mark Becker, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. There is NO point to magazines over 10 rounds. And there IS a need for some sort of mental health test to own and carry a weapon. There are too many dead innocents not to try something. But it also goes without saying, that any school personnel who are trained, willing and found competent, would be free to carry concealed.

There are too many dead innocent men, women and children who paid with their lives for us not to try. The trick will be to stop the liberals from encroaching. The sad thing is, if volunteers were given the chance, schools could be safe tomorrow.

Jim Roach

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[By the way, you can’t ban “assault rifles”, they don’t exist in civilian hands. To be classified as an assault rifle requires a selective rate of fire. Semi-auto, 3-round burst, and full auto. Civilian AR -15’s don’t have that. They only shoot semi-auto.]


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