Des Moines Sunday Register full of … something [12/30]

Big surprise, Donald Kaul wants to take your guns.  John Carlson thinks Ron Paul people taking over the Iowa Republican Party is “messed up”.

In the letters to the editor Richard Larson of Des Moines makes a good point.  He rebukes the argument that the Founding Fathers’ vision of the Second Amendment was a one-shot muzzle loader, not envisioning semi-automatic weapons.  He makes the good point that maybe they couldn’t envision freedom of speech capabilities like television, talk radio and the internet.  His point was maybe we should limit other freedoms also.

John Stiegelmeyer of Vinton has a very good point on abortion.  He believes that if the Register was so concerned about the safety of children they’d want to prevent their death in the womb also.

Dr. Tim Hartsook of LaPorte City wants to take your guns too.  No doubt he wants to ban cars also as they cause deaths too.

Denny Skelton of Ankeny has a wonderful point.  Just because the state has a ‘surplus’ doesn’t mean you have to spend every last dime.  What’s that looming on the horizon?  Oh yeah, ‘fiscal cliff’!!!  Maybe we should save that ‘surplus’ for future needs. . .

“Police:  Armed man drives vehicle into Scheels”.  Police arrested a drunken Joseph Moreno, age 23 of Iowa City.  He had fired shots at his apartment and then drove his 2002 Ford Explorer through the front door of Scheels, and fired another shot. We will never hear about it, but I bet if the press dug a little deeper, Joseph Moreno would be found to have a colorful past. No doubt he is here legally. I assume the gun will be blamed, just as cars are in vehicle accidents.

Jim Roach

Legs (2) Beau Legs

[I don’t like speculating about the residency status of Moreno, but you can’t rely on the Register to tell you. They like to hide the fact that 33 % of our prison population is made up of people who shouldn’t even be here. That 12 people a day die at the hands of people who shouldn’t even be here. That every county in Iowa that has a packing plant has had to build a new jail. If the Register would just be honest with you. The sad fact is, a lot of crime comes with people who broke the law to come here.]


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