“Donation drop sign of trouble for Iowa GOP?” [DM Reg 1/4]

The Register’s Jennifer Jacobs tried to make the case on Friday that A.J. Spiker will be the ruin of the Iowa GOP (you gotta love it when liberals are so concerned with the wellbeing of conservatives). She does this by talking to RINO’s and neocons like Gary Kirke and Jeff Lamberti.

You know, I can well believe that establishment Republicans do feel a little threatened by the Constitutionally minded.

Jacobs for a couple of years now has really had it in for Ron Paul and those who believe in liberty. I cannot remember the same obsession of identifying the Iowa GOP’s leadership, with the candidate they supported in the primary.

Jacobs is truly obsessed with it. She has no problem with Republicans like Branstad who are no threat to the status quo, but someone like Paul who got a little traction, well, Jacobs ain’t gonna let an upstart like Paul threaten the business as usual incestuous relationship that “proper Republicans” and Democrats have.

About the only one who got under Jacobs’ skin worse than Paul, was Sarah Palin. People who self identify as Christians really drive Jacobs crazy. Short drive.

Jim Roach

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