And still they do nothing

George Ames from Boone had a very powerful letter to the editor in the 1/19 DM Register. In the last paragraph he wrote, “Charlton Heston, at an NRA convention, declared “out of my cold, dead hands” to a standing ovation. A month ago, America was taking crayons out of the cold, dead hands of young children, and Americans are collectively saying, “Never again”.”

Regrettably, 14 years after Columbine, liberal school authorities are still unwilling to take steps to protect children. They will be flummoxed again, the next time children die because of their own inaction.

For some reason, liberal school authorities are unable to grasp the simple concept of tactical defense. I understand they are incapable either mentally or physically of arming themselves with a firearm. I understand they themselves don’t have the survival instinct. I understand they would rather die then fire a gun. But can’t they at least try to protect the children?

It doesn’t have to be with lethal force, but there are still many options. Tasers, mace, shotguns with beanbag rounds, rifles with rubber bullets, steel gun safe doors for a closet at the back of a classroom, surveillance cameras, fortified exterior doors.

Instead they do nothing.

How can these monsters continue to be willing to sacrifice children? Their lack of respect for life plays out in other aspects of their lives. These are the very same people that demand to kill children in the womb. Why should we be surprised that with warped morals like that, that they also choose not to protect 6-year-olds?

I wish it was “never again” that we would witness murdered children in the classroom. But I know the liberal mindset. They will work tirelessly to take your guns, but they will not lift one finger to protect children. They will not lock up dangerous psychotics.

14 years after Columbine, and still they do nothing. What kind of monster won’t fight for a 6-year-old?

Jim Roach



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2 Responses to And still they do nothing

  1. What is horrible, is those brave school staff that sacrificed themselves for the kids, but they didn’t protect them, they had no means of defense.

  2. What if every school across America had a big sign at the front door, “All school personnel are armed”.

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