If gun control worked, wouldn’t Chicago be the safest place in America?

Ruth sent that little ditty in the other day, it is also quite true. The same could also be asked about Washington DC, New York City and several other liberal/no gun bastions.

In today’s DM Register, widow Susan H. Brigham blames a gun for killing her husband, Thomas E. Brigham, in 1994 at Fairchild AFB in Washington. She blames the Chinese made ‘MAK-90’ for killing her husband. Especially ludicrous in this whole thing, is she doesn’t blame the 2 people actually responsible.

Mrs. Brigham doesn’t name the murderer. That’s right, in the entire article about her husbands sad end, she doesn’t name the man who killed him. She names the weapon.

Point two, her late husband, a psychiatrist, a mental health professional, had diagnosed the killer as a “dangerous paranoid bordering on paranoid schizophrenia”. He regrettably was partially responsible for his own death. He didn’t take steps to ensure that the man he knew was a dangerous psychotic, was locked up.

He and others in the office knew how dangerous the killer was. They made jokes about wearing flak jackets to work. The entire mental health hospital was warned. He kept loaded shotguns at his house.

Unfortunately he was a part of a dangerously incompetent mental health system that refuses to lock up dangerous psychotics. Usually it is just innocents that are slaughtered because of their incompetence, this time it was the doctor.

Jim Roach

[I forgot to mention, the doctors inability to commit the man, took 4 other lives with him.]

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2 Responses to If gun control worked, wouldn’t Chicago be the safest place in America?

  1. James says:

    Gun control does not work. That is very true. They do need to lock up the crazies to detox them and get them back in their right minds. That is not going to happen though. Have you seen the movie “Agenda Grinding Down of America”? I saw it yesterday at the library. It was pretty good.

  2. No, I haven’t seen that one. I did see a promo for a Brad Pitt movie called, “World War Z”, that looked a little terrifying. Possible.

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