What a day for women’s rights!

DM Register, 1/24, U.S. to allow women in combat, was the headline. What a country. They were saying on the radio that 1/3 of women in the service get raped now, not even in regards to combat. What has this country come to? Sending our women off to die in these undeclared and unjust wars? It’s obscene enough the men they’ve killed. Good grief, now the women?

On page 2 of the same issue the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said an Indiana law that kept sexual predators off of Face book was unconstitutional. Isn’t that great? Our court system!  Forever protecting the “rights” of perverts! Thanks to a couple of judges, convicted sexual predators can cruise online for your children. They never did make the connection about deviants in public libraries using taxpayer computers to look at child porn, then molesting children or abducting them from library restrooms. The court said it restricted free speech. Too bad they don’t look at the Second Amendment that way.

On page 3 was Congress letting Hillary get away with the Benghazi cover-up.

In the letters to the editor, Tom Vlassis of Des Moines will not stand (!) for good guys having guns on school grounds! No sir, he wants kids unprotected. I’m not sure I always follow liberal logic. It was pointed out to me during the college football season, every time a college football coach goes on or off the field, an armed State Trooper escorts him. Everything for college football coaches, nothing for children.

Mary Ann Dorsett of Des Moines on the other hand wrote a very insightful letter.  Referring to Roe vs. Wade, she said, “A handful of men 40 years ago decided to play God.” Excellent point. Plus, it was in the same period, that courts around the country struck down the death penalty in the majority of states. Isn’t that great? At exactly the same time they were legalizing abortion, they banned the death penalty. Kill the unborn, and keep convicted murderers alive? What a country.

That is how you end up with Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches, that will send women off to die in undeclared wars. Keep electing the same people folks!

Jim Roach

Bandanas (2) Beau


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