George Tunis of ‘Hardwire’ exemplifies action

It is patently obvious to any thinking person in this country that we have a problem with mass murderers. Psychotic and evil people are taking the lives of children. No one is taking positive steps to stop that. Liberals have no desire to defend themselves. For some reason the survival instinct skipped right over them. That’s fine. But they extend this desire to die to the children they care for in our schools. That is wrong.

These bureaucrats that run our schools have conveniently forgot their responsibility.  It is their JOB to protect those kids for the length of the school day. They can work on their dream to take away our guns, but in the meantime they need to defend those kids.

Chairman and CEO of Hardwire, George Tunis, understands this concept- protect kids. Whatever other agenda there is, the first priority is to protect school kids.

Hardwire is evidently an armor manufacturer in Maryland. The shooting in Newtown, Conn., sickened him. He came up with a lightweight whiteboard that will deflect pistol bullets at pointblank range. Teachers in a desperate situation are to grab the attached handles and use it to deflect bullets.

It is not the be-all, end-all of self-defense, but it is a start.

It is a positive step toward effective tactical response. A gazillion more things need to be done, but it is a start. It also makes more sense than taking away my guns. Taking away my guns will not stop the next school shooting.

Just a little imagination contemplates large closets at the back of a classroom BUILT with this bullet proof whiteboard. What a concept. Now if we can just get Liberals to put their tiny little minds to thinking about actually protecting kids instead of pissing their pants about guns.

Jim Roach

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Fourteen years after Columbine, what steps have been taken to keep children alive in schools?


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