Congress agrees to betray America in 2013

Continuing a long tradition of detrimental acts against the United States, a bipartisan Senate working group of 6 agreed to amnesty for illegals this year [Page 2, DM Register 1/28].

In absolutely no surprise to anyone, the Republicans are being led by John McCain. The Arizona Senator is taking the lead to reward 11,000,000 illegals with citizenship for breaking the law.

Said McCain, “Since this isn’t an election year, it’s the perfect time to screw the working class!”. Or words to that affect.

Unemployed Americans expressed disgust at the idea, making their job search, for what pitiful low-paying jobs there are, that much harder with 11 million illegals looking for the same jobs.

Drug gangs and OWI lawyers are expected to benefit the most from the amnesty.

Jim Roach

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