Harkin’s retirement

Back 21 years ago, before I got my brain, I was a Democrat. Voted for Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, and Bill Clinton in ’92. During those years, I also voted for Tom Harkin.

I believed his shtick about being a friend of the Union. Then he voted for NAFTA in ’92/’93, Bill Clinton signed it into law, and I never voted Democrat again.

Then I found out in those Clinton years that Ruth Harkin, Tom’s wife, ran OPIC. The Overseas Private Investment Corporation. That highfalutin name means the Government greased the skids for factories to move their operations offshore. So much for being a “friend of the working man”.

So if your “friends” support NAFTA and OPIC, what the hell would your “enemies” look like???

But as far as Harkin retiring, people are forgetting the key point- the stuff must be about to hit the fan. Wise sages always told me that Grassley and Harkin would bugger out when things were about to collapse. They brought us here to this point, but they don’t want to be around when the wheels fall off.

Generally you have to take a Senator out feet first, like Strom Thurmond or Ted Kennedy. So if Harkin is going of his own volition, the end must be near.

Jim Roach

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