Madea Gets a Job!

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I love that man! Tyler Perry takes his most famous character to the stage. It was such an innovative idea for a “movie”. It was my first exposure to Madea. They replayed his NPR interview with Terry Gross on Friday because ‘Alex Cross’ was being released on DVD. That reminded me to check out Madea. I also got ‘Madea’s Family Reunion’ while I was at Family Video.

If you were like me, and had never seen Madea before, take your misconceptions and toss them out the window. It’s clean, it’s funny, it’s relevant. In this stage play, you’ll see a couple of hours of Christian, family friendly, message driven entertainment. After the actual play portion, there is a stunning song and dance series where you get to meet the cast. The DVD closes with a string of interviews from audience members who watched the play live in Atlanta.

Those interviews are one testimonial after another from people who love Tyler Perry and appreciate what he’s doing to break loose from the absolute crap Hollywood puts out. Perry also puts new faces and new ideas out there, and creates this huge gulf between himself and Hollywood. I have a better understanding now why the daggers came out about Alex Cross. He is a HUGE threat to the status quo.

Jim Roach

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2 Responses to Madea Gets a Job!

  1. It would be impossible to overstate what Tyler Perry is doing. When you compare what he is putting out, uplifting, Christian entertainment, to that continual stream of filth and depravity that Hollywood generates, it simultaneously makes you glad he is there, and it makes you sad to realize the slim chance our culture has to fend off the diseased Hollywood “infection”. – Jim Roach

  2. 4-6 I suspect you would never intend this, but this is what happens. When you attempt to live by your own religious plans and projects, you are cut off from Christ, you fall out of grace. Meanwhile we expectantly wait for a satisfying relationship with the Spirit. For in Christ, neither our most conscientious religion nor disregard of religion amounts to anything. What matters is something far more interior: faith expressed in love.

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