Don’t confuse the symptom with the disease

In the February 14, Des Moines Register, two letter writers are taken aback by Rekha Basu’s desire to kill infants in the womb. Todd Hachmann of WDM, and Mike Stahr of Boone to be precise.

A lot of people in the past have associated liberalism with the love of abortion. I suggest that liberalism is merely the symptom, and that lack of the Holy Spirit is the disease.

Finding God cures a lot of ignorance. I suggest that the phrase “godless communists” wasn’t coined by chance, but from evidence. Much in the same way it takes a true pagan to embrace Darwinism as an example.

All the mass murdering regimes in my memory have been communists (socialists). Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot… murder and liberal thought go hand in hand.

You can’t “cure” liberalism by convincing someone that conservatism is better. Bring them to God and they will see that for themselves.

Jim Roach

Bandanas (2) Beau


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2 Responses to Don’t confuse the symptom with the disease

  1. Ralph G says:

    Jim, you are spot on!

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