“Government bullet buy fuels conspiracy theories”

[DM Register 2/15, AP Alicia A. Caldwell]

Evidently last fall Alex Jones broke the story of the Federal Government buying 1.6 billion bullets (they mean cartridges) to use against U.S. citizens. I say that because the purchase wasn’t for the military, it was for “Homeland Security, I.C.E., and the Social Security Administration.”

Their enemy isn’t foreign, so it must be domestic.

I’m trying to figure out what part of all this is “theory”? It seems more like fact to me. The government has made the purchase. These agents are practicing to shoot someone. Assuming they aren’t expecting invaders from outer space, I have to assume they are preparing to shoot Americans. Like I say, this purchase wasn’t for the Army. So if their enemy isn’t foreign, it must be domestic. Unless Napolitano is thinking road trip to teach those Canadians a lesson…

So please Ms. Alicia A. Caldwell, do tell me where the wild “conspiracy theory” is? If it isn’t theory, it’s fact. What part did Alex make up?

Jim Roach

ABBB P1130626 (2) edit

[Rabbit season! Duck season! Well when you buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, you must be planning on shooting something. Otherwise, that is some very expensive, and explosive paperweights. So I assume those agents are shooting up “15 million rounds a year” for something specific in mind. Now what could that be?]


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