“One religion doesn’t own the truth”

Poppycock. Of course it does. The above titled Iowa View by Rabbi Steven Edelman-Blank appeared in the Saturday March 2 Des Moines Register. What does the Rabbi suppose happens when you die? The soul and body of Christians goes one way, by one set of rules, Jews another, and Muslims still another? The afterlife would be a rather hectic and confusing place.

Of course there is absolute truth! How else could the universe operate???

What a ridiculous notion. The author spouts a lot of liberal nonsense, confusing true tolerance with acceptance. He says that he chose to follow a path “without absolutely knowing that it is better than any other path”. Really? Eternity is a crapshoot? That’s going to be news to the Creator. Or did the Earth come into being by the beliefs of each individual? Evolution here? Creationism there?

How does a “teacher” function without absolute truth? That does explain the modern public school system though.

Jim Roach

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