“Sow Your Financial Seed Now!”

What kind of television station would do business with people like these? One out of Newton, Iowa called KFPX evidently.

What kind of idiot government makes these Bozos tax exempt?

I wrote KFPX – ion TV, and I hope you will too. Christians don’t agree on a whole lot, but I would hope we all can identify fraud when we see it. The latest shtick from Inspiration Ministries for ripping off Christians is the Camp Meeting, where fools are asked to plant a “$1,000 seed. You may not be able to plant the entire $1,000 this month, but you can plant some this month, and more the next!” Good grief. Thieves like this should be in Congress.  According to them, the sum total of the Gospel Message is financial solvency through God. Like I say, there is nothing new about crooks wanting to use Christ to rip people off, He shall deal with them. We can deal with KFPX (Mediacom Channel 10). Please write KFPX at the address below:

4570 114th Street
Urbandale, IA 50322

(515) 331-3939

Jim Roach

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