Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor


Tyler Perry’s new movie takes awhile to digest (not that I’m saying it is hard to stomach). It starts so slow, but it winds up so well!

That is when you realize he just crushed Hollywood under his heel (not that I am making a serpent analogy to Hollywood).

The Hollywood types like Nathan Rabin at A.V. Club , never seem to grasp that. Perry’s films are so far removed from their daily existence that they whoosh right over their head. The messages in this latest film are anathema to Hollywood. HIV from indiscriminate sex? Not in Hollywood! Drugs and alcohol ruining your life? Not in Hollywood!

I remember when actor Heath Ledger died of a drug overdose, it came out in the reports that, “well, cocaine is at all the Hollywood parties, so is the booze.” It was de rigueur. It was commonly accepted that most of the populace out there were addicts, hence the thriving rehab business.

STD’s in America? Rampant. But never in a Hollywood movie. Random copulation never has a consequence in Hollywood. I think that is part of the reason Confession’s got one and a half stars in it’s Register review, a Tyler Perry movie is completely alien to them. But there is also one other small little problem.

In Hollywood, when a character onscreen prays, it is, “Dear God, this, that, and the other thing, Amen!” Even in “Christian” movies. In a Tyler Perry movie, he violates “the code”. Tyler Perry’s God has a Son named Jesus, and Perry frequently refers to Him. You’ll notice this when his characters pray, they pray like the rest of the Christian world. They end a prayer with, “in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

For Hollywood, you might as well have just thrown Holy Water on a vampire, they shriek, blanch, and hand out 1 Star reviews. It is not a pretty sight. The people who run Hollywood DO NOT want Jesus as part of the popular culture. They have worked too hard keeping Him out to give up now.

As far as the movie itself, it is a bit heavy and frequently melodramatic.  But what the heck, you get to see actors you’ll rarely see anywhere else. Perry’s take on life is one you won’t see anywhere else either. Those two points alleviate  a lot of boredom with his sometimes slow pacing. Jurnee Smollet-Bell, Robbie Jones and Lance Gross were wonderful new people to meet. Kim Kardashian? Not so much. Similar to Eugene Levy in Perry’s Witness Protection Program, what exactly were we thinking there Tyler?

Since Perry does most of his own writing, you wonder why he doesn’t institute a few safeguards for when he veers off a cliff. His “movie of a play”, Madea Gets a Job  was perfect! But then he turns one out like Witness Protection Program, and you are left going what the heck was that?? Nothing but a giant sucking sound.

You’ll see that quite often with very talented people who think they can fulfill all the roles, writer, director and producer, no one ever bothers to tell them when it ain’t working. The Captain of a ship has a crew for a reason. Use them. It’s a big job, no shame in needing some help. And that is rather sad when virtually the only Christian studio turning out movies, turns out some substandard stuff.

Jim Roach

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