I wondered if anyone else had noticed…

[Excerpt from The New American]

… In essence, the lessons from the Boston Marathon mean that the following procedures employed in the week-long manhunt proved to be completely ineffective in apprehending Tsarnaev:

House-to-house searches in a dragnet-style search;
• Use of military-style helicopters across the state;
• Use of tanks and armored vehicles on the streets of Boston, Cambridge, Watertown, and New Bedford;
• Shutting down the city, except for limited coffee shops;
Stopping all public transportation;
• Banning taxi service across the City of Boston; and
• Abandoning the federal Posse Comitatus law banning the use of soldiers in law enforcement.

In the end, if the goal of the terrorists was to terrorize, the terrorists won in Boston. Rather than returning to its ordinary business, the two suspects identified by authorities — Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his older (deceased) brother Tamerlan — were able to terrorize — and even shut down — one of the world’s greatest cities for days. The two presumably hated America for its freedom, and were able to get the government to take away much of those freedoms from its citizens for a period of time. The New American

Beau Breakfast

[Rest assured though, wherever you go, whatever you do, your government is watching you!]

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1 Response to I wondered if anyone else had noticed…

  1. Amen. We can be sure the government is watching.

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