Who’s the bigger slimeball? Gary Kirke or the Register?


Today’s article in the Des Moines Register set me off just a bit, ‘His Bet Is On Des Moines’. Good grief. Rox Laird goes on to paint a picture of this astute businessman bringing economic development to central Iowa. Give me a break. Kirke wants to bring in yet another casino to rip even more people off.

They show these completely unrealistic casino commercials on TV. They show thirty something guys who look like suit models with 32 year old buxom honeys wearing evening gowns on their arms throwing the dice at Prairie Meadows. This is a completely unrealistic picture. In reality it’s 68 year old housewives from Bondurant in sweatpants throwing away their Social Security money while pulling the lever on a one-armed-bandit.  It’s also retired truck drivers from Van Meter doing the same thing.

These vultures like Kirke paint one picture, while picking the bones of the blue collar retired Iowans is the real picture. He’s not content to be a multi-gazillionaire, he’s got to steal every last dime from people who can’t afford it.

These ‘gamblers’ have an obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Alcohol, drugs , gambling, it’s all the same thing, an addictive personality. They’re mentally ill for Gods sake! Then scum like Kirke make a fortune preying off them! And the Register is an accomplice, they’ve never met a tax they didn’t like.

I have absolutely no use with the Des Moines Register teaming up with vulture capitalists and then promoting this as economic development.

Jim Roach

Que pasa homey B&W

[Remarkably, when I sent this in as a Letter to The Editor, the Register chose not to print it. Go figure.]

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