“Iowa GOP intrigued, wary of Rand Paul, the next generation”

The Sunday Register had an interesting article by Jennifer Jacobs about the Kentucky Senator (and likely Presidential candidate) Rand Paul. A couple of quotes by Iowa Republicans were typical of the slant Jacobs put on Paul. Both Pauls have always seemed to bug Jacobs. She likes her Republicans nice and bland. Ones who don’t really mean what they say. No threat to the status quo.

Iowa Republicans have tended to like their government big, just as long as the subsidies and price supports go to the right people. They don’t mind welfare as long as it’s corporate. They’ll take their foreign policy as interventionist, thank you very much.

Iowa Republicans seem to find it necessary for American boys to go die in the sand to make Arabs free. I never have quite figured out what the logic in that is. But then they get to hold big show funerals and feel patriotic all over. It gives them a warm feeling inside. What it does for the dead 22-year-old Iowa soldier I’m not sure.

The first quote I liked was from Kevin Hall, writer for TheIowaRepublican.com . Speaking of father Ron, Hall said, “his dad rarely backtracked on anything he said – no matter how outlandish.” That’s rather rich.

The other quote I liked was from Iowa Taliban Rebekah Maxwell. She has “winced” at Rand Paul’s “misstep’s” in recent weeks. Of his father, she wasn’t a fan of the older Paul. She liked his integrity but thought his debate answers on topics such as Iran and nuclear weapons “sounded almost downright crazy.” Maxwell believes the younger Paul is a less oddball version of his father. How gracious of her.

I guess that explains why Charles Grassley has been in Iowa elected politics since 1959.

I’ll say this for Jennifer Jacobs, she’s consistent. Whether it is Palin or Paul, she shows her same bias every time.

Jim Roach

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Jennifer Jacobs

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