Register’s brainchild can’t add

Rekha Basu in the 6/7 Register writes, “Minimum wage can’t provide basic needs”. Quite true Miss Basu. Let’s see if we can put two and two together.

The Register for as long as I can remember has advocated a nonstop never-ending stream of illegals from Mexico as some sort of bizarre panacea to America’s economic ills. But those 20 or 30 million illegals that have been coming here the past 40 years had just a minor influence in another area. They oversupplied the damn labor market ya moron!

Good grief. Supply and demand Basu, how tough is that to grasp? Aside from shipping our jobs offshore, which you also advocate, the other great wage killer has been an unending supply of cheap labor. What exactly did you think was going to happen? She seems genuinely surprised by the resulting low wages. Only a liberal.

Jim Roach

Beau Gogh (2)


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