“Administration delays major requirement of health law”

It is unlikely we will witness a more hypocritical display of political cowardice before the 2014 election. This story in the 7/3 Register disgusts on many levels.

“Business groups had complained the provision is too complicated”. Really? Medium and large companies had 3 years and how many experts to help them prepare for the January 1, 2014 mandate, and what, it just snuck up on them? There was some kind of 36 month surprise? The Presidents dog ate their homework? It’s “too complicated”???

Speaking of Emperor O’Bama, how is it he can “delay” a law??? Not veto a law, but delay just portions of it? I am staggered by the implication. No worry though, I’m sure the mainstream liberal media will get to the bottom of it.

And while the Emperor was at it, did he also delay the tax increases from taking affect? Did he delay the diseases, injuries and illnesses that will befall the people without healthcare because of his “delay”?

“The move undercuts Republican efforts to make the overhaul and the costs associated with new requirements a major issue in Congressional races.” Translation: “We delayed the employer mandate, because they pay us lots of money. The individual mandate will still be in effect. We say screw the little guy.”

Jim Roach

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