‘Speed’ Branstad missed an opportunity

We’re all familiar now with the story of the DCI agent Terry Hedlund’s report of Governor Branstad’s SUV doing 90 mph plus on Highway 20. Branstad’s office seems to have taken the approach of pooh poohing the whole incident and acting like it is perfectly fine for the Governor to be above the law. This at a time when they set up sneaky little speed cameras to catch ordinary folks.

The fallout in the paper from editorials to letters to the editor and on the radio talk show makes me think it is a public relations error to go that route.

It occurred to me today that the Governor had the opportunity to have actually turned it into a plus if he had played it right.

If Branstad had said, “You know what, it was wrong to let my driver exceed the speed limit, and I will take responsibility.” Then he could have had a ticket written and taken along a Register reporter to go down and pay the ticket himself. While at the same time announcing a change in the longtime policy that there will be NO MORE speeding in state vehicles.

Then he would have had the people of Iowa cheering him. Instead of looking at him as a sleaze.

Jim Roach

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