Harkin praises lawbreakers/ICCI

Senator Thomas Harkin praised the communist front group Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement for trespassing and disturbing the peace on the lawn and driveway of Iowa Republican David Oman on Saturday.

Register reporter Grant Rodgers could also hardly contain his glee at the illegal actions of ICCI. I’m trying to imagine the Register’s reaction if a Tea Party group had stormed the house of a prominent Democrat on a Saturday morning and threatened his family. Might not have been the same giddiness with their “direct action”.

Nope. I don’t think 260 conservatives with a bullhorn would have gotten the same pass.

Reminds me of the lawless mob down in Texas recently that wanted to ensure their right to kill babies is not infringed. They got a pass also.

Yep. I want a conservative group to go do the exact same thing on Harkin’s lawn. Let’s see what the reaction is.

Jim Roach

McBeau (2)

[Much in the same way that after a Tea Party rally they leave the grounds cleaner then when they came. After a Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement rally, you’ll find trash, used condoms and human feces.]


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