Register editorial on Zimmerman trial misses two key points


The Register on Tuesday wrote, “No winners in outcome of Zimmerman trial”. The first paragraph stated, “George Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch captain, armed with a gun, who decided to confront an African-American teenager he thought looked suspicious.” Yeah? Zimmerman confronted Martin?? That’s not the way I heard it. I heard it that Zimmerman got out of the vehicle to see the cross street and to try and locate Martin, and Martin surprised him. Plus, you know what Register? A 17-year-old walking literally next to the houses, and not on the sidewalk, is going to raise a few eyebrows…

Point two, the Register said, “Zimmerman’s name will be synonymous with a shoot-first-ask-questions-later mentality in America.” Really? Zimmerman got out of the vehicle, the gun in his hand, tracking his quarry? Murder in his heart? I don’t know…

I don’t get the faction that wants to portray Martin as the boy in the picture above, on his way home from choir practice, helping little old ladies across the street…

That just doesn’t seem entirely truthful to me. Much in the same way that a watch captain would go armed? There is nothing wrong with a legal, trained citizen going armed, they are just representing themselves. But a watch captain? Those groups used to be trained and acquainted with the local police when they formed. There is no way a cop coordinator would have advised going armed. Plus, I bet the recommendation was for paired patrols.

Outside of the editorial, the question comes up once again, where the hell were the cops? He’s talking to 911 how long? The cops can’t get there??? Dang… I bet they showed up pretty quick once someone was dead.

The bottom line is, Zimmerman had a gun, and he can’t figure out how to stay out of harm’s way? He can’t figure out a way not to get in a compromised position? My butt. If Martin hadn’t done what he did, he wouldn’t be dead. Zimmerman didn’t help either. Half the time I think Zimmerman should have gotten 2 years. Other times I think you should be able to get out of your car without being attacked…

Jim Roach

Beau Red (2)

[And lastly, we know now why prosecutors plea bargain at every chance, they don’t know how to go to trial.]

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1 Response to Register editorial on Zimmerman trial misses two key points

  1. How I wish Zimmerman had just left the entire thing with the police to handle. We wouldn’t have this race war to contend with. However, Zimmerman may have put himself in harm’s way, but he had a right to defend himself. Trayvon (What kind of name is that?) was ready for a fight. His problems began when his parents divorced and decided to live with boyfriends and girlfriends. Doesn’t anyone realize what this does to a child? Parents should be required by law to stay together until their children are 21.

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