The Walking Dead has jumped the shark


What on earth has television come to? Survivor and The Walking Dead are the most invigorating shows on TV? No more! I will watch reruns of The Rifleman instead thank you very much. Some of us have a natural inclination towards post apocalyptic doomsday scenarios, but come on, how many times can you shoot a zombie in the head and not have it get old? And what’s with this “governor” character? Pop goes the weasel, one shot and he’s dead, done! And those writers… oh! Oh! Let’s keep the exact same plot every week and see how long it takes the audience to notice! We won’t develop it a bit, just keep with the same shtick week after week!  Good grief… modern TV is a wasteland. Jump dat shark!



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One Response to The Walking Dead has jumped the shark

  1. I am one who got hooked on the Walking Dead. It became a guessing game to see who wouldn’t make it to the next episode. I think there are so many doomsday shows because people feel that the end is near. We have destroyed the planet and misused the resources we were given. Something terrible is lurking near.

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