Send in the clowns…

aaan obama-rodeo-clown-1

“China, Cuba, countries where the only freedoms are those bestowed on a whim by the state — these countries jail their kids for burning the flag. We do not. America was created around dissent. Our freedom is founded upon the right to make known our opinion without threat of government interdiction — Old Glory is the ultimate, tangible expression of this national belief.”

— Marvin Johnson
a Legislative Counsel for the ACLU
Source: circa 2001

[I think historians will look back at a faded America and try to put a finger on exactly when our country’s star went out. I think a fair example will be when a President is so insecure in his authority, that a rodeo clown is fired for his vulgar attempt at humor. Your country has lost it folks. Screw you Mr. Pres. – Jim Roach]


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