Duck Dynasty – What’s the fuss?

[12/1/13 update, during the prayer, Phil said Jesus. I stand corrected. Phil was saying in Jesus’ name all along, it turns out it was the A&E channel that was editing it out. My apologies to Phil Robertson. The A&E folks said it was “to avoid offending Muslims”. I don’t think so. There is a third group that is offended by Jesus, the one that controls Hollywood.]

I’d been hearing all this ruckus about this A&E show called “Duck Dynasty”. Some Louisiana brothers who make duck calls and do the redneck thing. Supposedly there had been complaints because during each show at meal times and whatnot they would pray. So? The only reason I could see where someone would balk at that was if they were saying the name of Jesus. As in, “… in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.” A Christian prayer. That would be the only reason Hollywood would have a problem with them. In fact, I don’t think Hollywood is real fond of Christians. In fact, as evidenced by what they put out, I would say Hollywood is trying to destroy Christianity.

But they had several episodes on tonight before the new one. In each case they did a prayer, but it was a Hollywood prayer, “Blah blah, blah, blah blah, Amen.” I don’t see why the Hollywood types would have a problem with that, there is nothing on this show to indicate they are Christians. They never said the name Jesus. Today on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page she is talking about them. Last night on Steve Deace’s radio show he was talking about them. Everyone acts as though they are leading this great Christian revival. Poppycock.

Their prayers are powerless. One of the brothers is even a pastor. At the renewal of the vows ceremony he said a prayer. No Jesus. Funny Christian denomination that doesn’t say the name of Jesus. But then, our leaders don’t complain, why should I? Just seems rather hollow and pointless to me.

Jim Roach

Brick Beau (2)

“There is pow’r, pow’r,  wonder working pow’r  In the precious blood of the Lamb.”


A rumor circulated that Robertson and his family were under pressure to eliminate their family prayer and the use of guns from Duck Dynasty. When asked about it, the family insisted it had never happened.[14][15]

There were, however, similar issues that actually occurred. When A&E decided to add bleeps to the show to add “spice”, Robertson went to the network and told them to not make it seem like they use profanity, as they do not. Also, while they did not cut prayers, they did cut out the part of Robertson’s prayer where he said “in Jesus’ name”. When A&E told them that they did not want to offend the Muslim population, Phil asked, “What year is it?” They replied “2012.” He pointed out that the year was 2012 A.D., or in the year of Our Lord. He asked them why they would take someone out who the entire universe is based on. He also asked A&E how many Muslims were watching Duck Dynasty.[16]

[Personally, I don’t think Muslims are the ones who control Hollywood. Just a guess.]

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2 Responses to Duck Dynasty – What’s the fuss?

  1. James says:

    I agree with you 100%. I do not watch cable tv. I have seen brief glimpses of the show at places that do have tv. I find the whole idea disturbing and how people have idolized these men. Yes I used the proper word. Many americans and many church people have turned them into idols to be worshipped. They go around quacking like a duck and ask if I am a fan of the show because I have a beard and a southern accent. I quickly inform them that the duck boys got the beard and coolness from me. I have never seen the show and do not like the idea. They are nothing more than idols.

    It was a pleasure to read your thoughts. My eyes are much better now by the way. They still itch a bit but I can see just fine for the most part. The first two days my eye sight was extremely blurry. YHVH is healing me quickly and was with me when that gas can exploded in my face. There will be no permeant damage. Praising YHVH and Yeshua for that one. Trying to catch up on this weeks work right now after having to take 3 days off this week. Love ya brother and Shalom to you and your family!

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