Lining up to die

The Register article in today’s Sunday Register, ‘Elementary Schools see rise in security after Newtown’, reminded me of a couple of liberal/establishment fatal flaws. The trouble is, for the last 20 years, kids have paid the price in these school shootings.

I had the urge to do a post on the anniversary of the shooting December 14, to see what steps had been taken in local schools to prevent a similar occurrence. Much like after 911 it was years before security doors on the cockpits were installed. Liberals in our schools never seem to have grasped that while our children are inside the school walls, they are responsible for their safety.

In the first half of the Register article it talks about police officers being in the schools in some districts. In the second half of the piece it talks in a worried tone about the idea of  teachers and school staff being armed. They paint a picture of the seeming impossibility of ordinary people defending themselves. They seem much more anxious that we throw up our hands and line up to be shot. Might as well they suggest, citizens couldn’t possibly defend themselves against a shooter. My way of thinking is, if someone is loose in a school shooting people, there’s not a whole lot to lose. Might as well give fighting back a try.

While your garden variety liberal school employee is completely hapless in the face of danger, there are certainly enough men and women employed there to form a basis of a self-defense team. Liberals tend to paint a picture of untrained boobs suddenly strapping on a .45 and being turned loose. That scenario is indeed scary. But!

If you took the 2 or 3 percent in a school building with half a brain, and worked with them for 20 hours on weapons and tactics, you could have 10 well-prepared team members ready to respond in the event of a school shooting.

I suggest that it would be too expensive to staff every school in America with a police officer. And if Columbine is any indication, the armed sheriffs deputy ran away when the shooting started.

But, if the original point of this post is remembered, the very idea that seems innate in liberals, lining up to die, rather than fight back, is totally foreign to me. They don’t have the luxury of being gutless, they have kids to protect. Plus, they always falsely assert, that it is either handguns or nothing. There are many other options in the self-defense arsenal than just handguns. The main stumbling block in our school establishment’s thinking is their own tunnel vision. But then I am not sure why I am expecting miracles out of these clowns 1 year after Sandy Hook. Looking at Wikipedia  on school shootings, this has been going on multiple times in every decade for over 100 years. School administrators haven’t tired yet of sacrificing our children, why would they start now?

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