Theft is theft

[I thought these three bits of wisdom from Liberty Quotes made two very important points, and that is that theft does not somehow become “okay” with the passage of time, and that theft with a majority vote is not okay either. As to point one, these three quotes are from three different centuries, right and wrong stayed constant. Point two, government with all it’s high sounding language and fancy trappings, cannot mask that it is no better than a thief in the night. In fact I would say the government is worse. The common thief knows he is one, government thinks it is God. – Jim Roach]

“We hold that what one man cannot morally do, a million men cannot morally do, and government, representing many millions of men, cannot do.”

— Auberon Herbert
(1838-1906) English author

“The people cannot delegate to government the power to do anything which would be unlawful for them to do themselves.”

— John Locke
(1632-1704) English philosopher and political theorist. Considered the ideological progenitor of the American Revolution and who, by far, was the most often non-biblical writer quoted by the Founding Fathers of the USA.

“This right to life, this right to liberty, and this right to pursue one’s happiness is unabashedly individualistic, without in the slightest denying at the same time our thoroughly social nature. It’s only that our social relations, while vital to us all, must be chosen -­ that is what makes the crucial difference.”

— Tibor R. Machan
Professor, author, research fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Source: Collectivist Thinking Is Rife in the USA, March 01, 2004

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  1. The more corrupt man becomes, the less he wants to be reminded of the difference between right and wrong.

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