Most overpaid coach in America loses (Surprise! The streak continues…)

Kirk ‘The Streak’ Ferentz

Hey, anyone could lose to the Northern Illinois Huskies! You think it’s easy beating a team with a direction in it’s name? The MAC is one tough conference. Sure they came to your house, but they broke the rules! They were supposed to come for the paycheck, not a win! That wasn’t fair! The University of Iowa Hawkeye’s should demand their money back. Those small schools are supposed to be a patsy in the pre-conference, not win. Those damn Huskies cheated!

You can’t get down on Iowa, they have the 115th toughest schedule in America. You think that’s easy? I got news for you bucko, there are 5 teams with worse schedules than Iowa. Sure 6 – 6 and a bowl game is out this year, but look genius, there are only 30 bowls. That means only the top 60 teams in the nation go to a bowl. And with 120 teams, that means you would have to be in the 50th percentile! You think it’s easy being average?? You think mediocre comes easy?? Hah!

Your expecting so much from such an underpaid coach. $4 million a year is hardly enough. Maybe if you paid him $5 or $6 million a year, then you’d see those victories start rolling over like an odometer. You see, this is YOUR fault, you don’t pay Ferentz enough.

You take a schedule that includes Northern Illinois, Western Michigan, Missouri State and Iowa State,  hey buddy, anyone could stumble on a schedule like that! Those teams are very likely to have a combined 8 – 40 record when all is done. And we’re not even talking the Big 10 powerhouse schedule there. Indiana, Purdue, Illinois, Minnesota, I think you better get ready for 4 – 8. Talk about a meat grinder…

Sure the previous coach, Hayden Fry, got the program going. Sure he built Iowa into a respected national power. Sure he took a program that had lost for 20 years and turned them around. But you expect Ferentz to keep it going??? I think that’s asking just a little too much. Come on, he only makes over $4 million a year!

Sure Iowa played the first series like their feet were in molasses, sure their quarterback had tunnel vision and only looked at one receiver, sure their line sucked, but don’t you worry, by the ninth or tenth game of the season, they’ll have that victory! Then we’ll see who’s laughing! Hah! In your face buddy!

Besides, you got those meanies at calling him One of the 5 Most Overpaid Coaches in America, that is NOT nice! And they are soooooo wrong! He is not one of the 5 most overpaid coaches in America, he is THE most overpaid coach in America! You think we would settle for less than the best? I don’t think so, he is #1! No siree, you think loser comes cheap? Think again. Having the #1 loser in America is going to cost you.

Jim Roach

Brick Beau (2)


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