I think we’re talking Rose Bowl

Hawkeyes 28 – North East Missouri State Barber College 14
Kirk Ferentz
With yesterday’s dominating win over N.E. Missouri State Barber College, I think the future is clear for the Hawkeyes. We’re talking Rose Bowl. Clearly this coaching staff is taking them to the top.
As noted during the broadcast by commercial reader Gary Dolphin, Rudock is some kind of quarterback for only having taken snaps in two games. I think that is part of the coaching brilliance of coach Ferentz, going 4 – 8 last year with a senior quarterback and not having the reserves take 1 snap…
With Michigan playing Notre Dame, and Nebraska playing  Southern Miss, Ferentz will look like a genius with the Hawks playing people like Missouri State and Western Michigan…
Jim Roach
Turbo (2)

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    Because you are an inspiration. Feel free to take a look and accept your Grand Award nomination.

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