“Navy reportedly warned about shooter”

On page 10A of the Thursday Register  was another article detailing how mental health “professionals” and local county attorneys fell down on their job and let another madman kill people. This time it was Aaron Alexis in Newport RI. Whether it is there, or Aurora, or Newtown, or Arizona, the story repeats itself again and again. A nutcase with a gun, and plenty of red flags, is left to kill people.

In a superb bit of irony, on the very page before this story, on 9A, the Register put Dana Milbank’s piece, “R.I.P. for gun control”. Milbank spouts the usual liberal crap. His response to the Washington Naval Yard shooting is to take your gun. My gun. I could live to be a hundred and never understand the liberal mind.

A nutcase who should have been prosecuted for previous crimes, wasn’t. A nutcase who should have been barred from owning a weapon because of his mental health, wasn’t. And the liberal response is to take the guns of sane, law-abiding citizens.

Jim Roach

Beau Berry (2)

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