Life, liberty and property

“The right of property is the guardian of every other right, and to deprive the people of this, is in fact to deprive them of their liberty.”

— Arthur Lee
(1740-1792) Virgina delegate to the Continental Congress in 1782

The year of this quote is 1782. It is amazing how in 2013 most Americans are abysmally  ignorant of property rights. At most they think of it as the boundaries of the yard their house sits on. As it turns out, there is a wee bit more.

Your body is your first ‘property’ right. Which is why slavery was such an abomination. In its most simplistic form, this was a violation of the slaves first property right. Another violation is when the government gives you permission to use one drug, alcohol, but not another, marijuana. It is absurd we should allow the government to tell us what we may ingest, or put a “sin tax” on various substances.

Your second property right is your money or earnings. That is why the government stealing from you to give to another is so wrong. Whether they are subsidizing the oil company, the farmer, or the welfare mom, it is all a violation of natural law.

Thirdly is that property you can feel and touch. House, guns, jewelry, furniture, art, whatever it is you have legally acquired that you place a value on. For some reason, this last category is pretty well understood by most people, but categories one and two are not. It is also in the best interests of the state run schools to keep people ignorant of these basic concepts.

Our government was given the authority to secure our rights of life, liberty and property. What our government has grown into, ends up violating the very rights it swore to protect. In its quest to do everything for everyone, it steals, kills and infringes on our liberty.

Jim Roach

Violet (2)

“In a free society, individuals have the right to do right or wrong, as long as they don’t threaten or infringe upon the rights or property of others.”

— Mark Skousen
(1947-) American economist, investment analyst, newsletter editor, college professor and author. Source: Persuasion versus Force

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1 Response to Life, liberty and property

  1. Tim Shey says:

    Here is a post from the blog Homeward Bound that I thought you would like to read:

    The Future In Hindsight

    Before Romania was a democratic country it was a communist country, and before it was a communist country it was a monarchy. With each transition certain things took place that shaped the nation for the next fifty years, and most often not for the better. One need not be a student of history to see certain key events play out and draw certain conclusions based on said events.

    One of the first things the communists did when they came to power was strip the rich of their wealth, imprison every voice of dissent, and appoint little more than troglodytes to positions of power.

    Nothing is more dangerous than an imbecile with power, and all that was required of them was to remember who gave them said power, and obey whenever called upon to act.

    And so, people who had worked their entire lives to build something for themselves were kicked out of their homes, and their homes were given to others who never had either the desire or wherewithal to succeed in life, all in the name of equality.

    A strange thing happened when these homes were given away to those who had neither worked to build them or upkeep them. Within a matter of years these homes were nothing more than hollow shells, raped of their beauty and their once stunning presence, because those who had been given stewardship of them did nothing to maintain them and treated them as one would something they didn’t have to work for.

    Even here, in Botosani, a relatively small and poor city, there are the husks of once breathtaking homes, and one need only close their eyes and imagine what they were like at their peak to be both speechless and broken of heart.

    What all those foaming at the mouth and screaming about equality, and taking it all away from the rich to give to the poor don’t understand is that equality has always been and will always be a fantasy. No matter the government, no matter the system, no matter the restrictions, there will always be those who will outwork, outthink, and outhustle the vast majority, and make a better life for themselves and their families.

    Give a man who didn’t have to work for it a mansion, and within a hare’s breath it will be turned into a dung heap, because what you didn’t work for you don’t respect, and what you don’t respect you don’t strive to maintain.

    I am poor by choice. I’ve made money in the past, I know how to make money in the present, but money does not appeal to me, nor do material possessions. Wealth and the message I preach are irreconcilable and forever destined to be apart, and that bothers me not an iota. I choose to see my daughter grow up rather than spend my time and energy amassing possessions. Those experiences are more valuable to me than a new car or a big home. That said, this is a personal choice, and as such I cannot ask someone who has chosen to pursue wealth to give what he has amassed to me because I chose not to pursue the selfsame wealth.

    I write this article today because given that another election is around the corner, our beloved politicians will once again be beating the inequality drum at a fevered pitch, not bothering to include themselves among the evil rich, but though they are multi-millionaires in their own right somehow consider themselves removed from said title.

    When you fuel the fire and fan the flame of such a mentality, when you make a mass of individuals believe they are entitled to something they didn’t work, sweat, bleed, and sacrifice for, it becomes impossible to put the genie back in the bottle and have things be as they once were.

    The utter desperation to win elections have made people nearsighted, and as yet they do not see the reality that once you let this particular dog off the leash it will not stop until it has devoured everything in its path.

    If you want to see the end result of what this mentality produces you need look no further than former communist bloc countries where the entrepreneurs, the visionaries, the educated, and the hard working were stripped of their possessions only to watch them be squandered by the mobs who were told that they deserved what others had worked for simply because it was more fair this way.

    With love in Christ,
    Michael Boldea Jr.

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