“Treasury secretary: US will run out of money by Oct. 17”

Des Moines Register, September 26, 2013, page 5A (lower half). You think a headline like that might garner a little more prominence. Maybe front-page even. Nope. Not in Mainstream Liberal Media World! Debt/smedt they always say!

Thanks to Grassley, Harkin, Latham, Boswell and King (and 540 other members of Congress), this country is broke. These clowns can’t balance a checkbook. These clowns have indebted the next generation times 10. Despite their thousand dollar suits, $300 haircuts, staffs of dozens, limo’s and offices and the entire federal government behemoth, they blew it.

Oh sure, they’ll raise the debt limit, and the charade will continue as usual, but still. The bottom line is, for all the decades of experience and knowledge, those treasonous bastards have bankrupted what was once the greatest nation on earth.

Even more mindboggling to me though, is how stupid Iowans are. We keep electing these morons.

Jim Roach

Brick Beau (2)


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