“Minding our own business”

“Ron Paul has stated, “If an isolationist is someone who doesn’t show up at your house unannounced, kill all your children, and then burn your house down. Then call me an isolationist.” Maybe that is a bit extreme, but minding ones business could be considered a core libertarian value and for the first time in many years it is finally going mainstream.

A recent Pew Research report finds that between 42 and 49 percent of Americans agree with the statement: “The US should mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along the best they can on their own.”

This is up from only 18 percent in 1964, the height of the Cold War.

It is doubtful that America will ever be isolationist. The world is too interconnected. How we spend our nation’s “blood and treasure” will always be part of the national debate. It appears we are finally getting wiser about how it should be put to use.” [LPIA newsletter – Keith Laube]

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