Meals from the Heartland


One of those ‘inner voice’ things hit me the other day. It told me to find a way to give to help kids in countries where they don’t stand much of a chance. I detest money pits like any of the ones connected to the UN. I’m very suspicious of ones like the Red Cross that spend over 26 % of the donations on “administrative costs”. I figure the Salvation Army is probably still a good bet. But I remember a friend mentioning an organization that I had promptly forgot about. So I looked up Meals from the Heartland .

They are a very impressive organization. They say that since 2008 they have sent 37 million meals overseas. They say .20 cents is all it takes to make one. That was exactly the place I was looking for to send my money. You can argue about this or that government policy, and whether or not someone needs this or that, but how anyone could argue about trying to feed hungry children is beyond me (or adults).

Most of the governmental foreign aid and the aid from big-time charities simply goes into the coffers of corrupt governments instead of to the people. But Meals from the Heartland seems like a can’t miss opportunity.

Jim Roach

I love you Dad! (2)


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