Red October

In the 10/9 Register, the Letter to the Editor section was a decided hoot. The beacon of free speech in Iowa did even worse than usual in providing a diversity of opinion. The list of letter writers, Deborah Fink, Deb McMahon, Kirk Tofte, Bret Vorhees and Philip Schneider, were all too familiar. They don’t even have new Lefties, just the same old tired droning.

They quit printing mine sometime last winter. I also haven’t seen one lately from David C. Hammel of Urbandale. I did see one of his a couple a months ago, but not recently, so I don’t know if the conservative purge is permanent or not. (That is no longer entirely accurate. They printed one of mine on Saturday the 12th. A classic piece from me on the difference between immigrants and illegals. How often to you get to use the phrase ‘mumbo jumbo’ and the word ‘puke’ in the same letter?)

The Right is completely impotent when it comes to competing effectively in the mass media market. You have the supposedly conservative voices of FOX News, the WSJ, the Washington Times, the Weekly Standard and the laughable National Review, and that is about it. Think about that! All the other newspapers, TV stations and magazines in this country are all liberal! That is an incredible monopoly the Left has.

The Right has a dozen or so pretenders on talk radio and that is it. Whenever a thorn to the Left does appear, all forces at their disposal come to bear to attempt to destroy the upstart. Rush, Ted Cruz, Ron Paul, Sara Palin, think of the salvos they have absorbed over the years? You can see the Lefts attempts to destroy the opposition. Their “diversity” only goes one way.

Jim Roach

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