Only 30 years late

It is impossible to fathom the totality of one’s actions sometimes. In a previous post I had mentioned that my conscience or the Holy Spirit had been working on me to help a child. That led me to sponsor a child through Child Fund International . After I had gotten all the forms filled out, the 30 years of remorse washed over me. I could have helped out at least 3 other kids since my early 20’s.

I could have afforded the $28 a month. 3 decades ago it wasn’t even that much. Say you  sponsor a kid on average 10 years to get them to adulthood, that easily could have meant 3 kids having vastly improved quality of life and a much more full stomach. Finally in my mid-fifties I get off the stick.

When I read the bio on this Indian child I sponsored, and what her life was like, it hit me how many others there were just like her. I can’t really begin to imagine what it would be like to grow up that way, sitting fat and happy here in America. Yes I realize we have already paid ten times over to help these kids, but all that money was squandered, it never got to them.

Jim Roach

They printed my letter! (2) smirk beau

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