Yo Bieb! Get it together!

So I’m surfing past the CBS channel and see a clip on The Talk that host Julie Chen is enjoying way too much showing. A hooker in a Brazilian brothel is showing video of a sleeping Justin Bieber sometime after the two of them having “done it”.

Dang Bieb, get it together. It looks bad. It’s dangerous, you are completely vulnerable passed out on the floor of a South American whorehouse. They could have had a twelve year old boy named Pablo curl up next to you, with obvious implications. They could have killed you. Robbed you. Maimed you.

It ain’t easy being 19, I get that, but you are making it too easy for your detractors. Once you came out on that MTV awards show and other places stating you like Jesus, you should have known they would be coming for you. Wanting to tear you down. Don’t help them.

As a side note, I’m a little curious how networks can use video without a persons consent. And there is no  way a passed out Bieber could  give consent to that video. Similar to when a coed passes out at a Frat party and is raped, and they point out there is no way she could have given consent, she wasn’t conscious. In this society where consent and copyright infringement is everything, it is a little amazing what networks can use, then at the same time turn around and keep you from using any of their footage.

Jim Roach

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